Utrecht Residency

Some sample pieces from my residency at Utrecht near the corner of 13th and Eye Streets North West Washington DC on Franklin Square Park.

Residency at Utrecht.

Mid September 2010


A few photos in the early morning.

Day 1. I have a great time sitting on out on the sidewalk doing these charcoals, thinking about composition and speaking with the folks walking around.

utrecht-sidewalk-charcoal frankinsquare-charcoal

The next day it was windy so the rest of the pieces are based on sketches

utrecht-sidewalk-study11) Direction lines with pencil utrecht-sidewalk-study32) wash  utrecht-sidewalk-study23) quick study 2.5″”x3.5″

utrecht-sidewalk Final

Final 5″x7″ Watercolor on watercolor paper

utrecht-sidewalk Buses and Cars

An impressionistic piece looking at rush hour traffic

utrecht-Frankinpark-study2  Sunset

Massing the large shapes in Frankin Square during the sunset


Another view of an intersection in DC