Plein Air Street Corner in DC (DAY 2)

Step 5 (7:27am) Day 2

Step 5 (7:27am) Day 2: Starting with the filling in the sky …….

Step 5 (7:32am) Day 2

Step 5 (7:32am) Day 2: Continuing to fill the the sky, you can see the difference some fresh paint makes.

Step 5 (8:05am) Day 2

Step 6 (8:05am) Day 2: Wow yellow! Why not some “yellow”? Experiments will help find the color of the road. I’m mixing right on the board and moving the paint around. The color and placement of the cross walk will play a more prominent role in the painting than I thought because they help anchor the foreground. I’m continuing to redraw and refine but I always try to create large unified color masses first!

Step 6 (8:58m) Day 2

Step 7 (8:58m) Day 2: Bright color ascents are slowly being knit together and unified. The cross walk is beginning to be redefined with angles.

Step 7 (9:29am) Day 2

Step 8 (9:29am) Day 2: Finished cross walk mass and left most building mass, brushed masses of paint together done for day! Need to let it dry for a few days before another coat.

Day 2 Photo (8:05am)

A nice reference photo if I needed to finish this picture in the studio but it is much more INSPIRING to be outside!

More to come it will get better~!