Slow Walk on the National Mall


This was drawing was scanned and you can see the difference in quality between this scan the cell phone image below.




I sat and walked a football game and realized it had been some time since I had done gestures.


Late summer early fall sunset over the US Capitol the weather was prefect.

By sitting sketching I was able to take in the whole sunset and enjoy how the shadows changed accross the relecting pool. Bright orange clouds that look like smolding cotton balls seemed to be brushing the top of the capitol.

I felt in previlaged position over those people that were running here and there just trying to grab a photo or a quick taste of this rich experience. I could sit stationary in one location and watch with a clear and open mind.

I’ve found that in order to be an observational artist you have enjoy the process of relection and the it’s not always about the piece of work it’s more about being at a place in time and enjoying the show nature is providing.

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