Last Semester’s work, Part II

Last Semester’s work, Part II

Part II of my journey through the first semester at Studio Incamminati.

Week 13Week 13Week 13Week 13

Week 13. Nov30 to December 6th …. Back to the studio after Thanksgiving.  30 second or 1 minute gestures always used to warm-up. Making sure we stay true to the gesture and initial action and axises that we see through the figure. The gesture is placed next to the block-in.

Week 14Week 14Week 14Week 14Week 14

Week 14. December 7th to December 13th….. The block-in are getting stronger. Doing a full day still life such as the pumpkin is extremely helpful when working on control of the material. Nelson Skanks was in the studio and he commented favorably about the pumpkin!

Week 15Week 15

Week 15. December 14th to December 20th.… I really focused on just finding the dark and light and not worrying about suddel transitions. I think I really had a breakthrough this week. Time for the holidays!


Week 18 January 4th to January 10th …I started a figure sculpture class. The first image is basically what we are aiming to mass out. The second is the beginning. With the first major measurement the pit to brow.


The still life is getting easilier each time I try it.


Our first try at protrait studies.


Week 19. January 11th to January17th


Portrait work continues


Week 21. January 25th to January 31st. I missed a week because I down in DC for the inauguration. I was able to come up for a few days to take in a workshop and continue working on my portrait sculpture. That’s a wrap….. look for more this month!