Last Semester’s work, Part I

I had absolutely zero postings since the summer so I have resolved to show some of the work I did during my first semester at Studio Incamminati. It was a humbling experience because I was really out of practice drawing. It was also a really busy fall and winter since I just moved to Philadelphia.  However, as I look over I can some improvement through the semester from September to January. Here is a sampling of work to give you a taste of the experience. I have made a resolution to post week through this new semester!
Our first class, everyone is really intent.

Week 2, Week started with Bargue Drawing to work on measurements.
Week 3 starting with the figure, finding the major shadow form as it moves across the figure. Just dark and light no modeling.
Week 4 Believe or not this a sitting women, using strong angles and simple shapes I was able to get the basic form.
Week 5 Using lines we found the shadow shapes in a process that involves finding the gesture of the figure and then enveloping the form. Finally a line is used to show the plain change between dark and light.
Week 06 Robin 1 min x 9
Week 6 We continued with short gestures, rarely going over five minutes. (these were all one minute) The theory is the drawing or painting’s major action is captured within the first few seconds or minutes. The human tendency it pause and over calculate the beginning, which results in a stiff and rigid picture that doesn’t have any compelling action or composition.

Week 7
Week 7. Material control is a huge factor, as I reflect on these pictures I see that the approach I took to cut out the light tone is not the proper approach.

Natalie Tuesday 10-29-08
Week 8.
Finding the envelope and the form continues.


Week 9. Finding the alignment between the major masses.

Week 10Week 10Week 10

Week 10.

Week 11Week 11Week 11

Week 11. My first try at color study, unfortunately the image was captured on a camera phone so I think some of the calibration is majorly off. This excises largely followed that of the any other figure approach. The colors were mixed mostly on the canvas but not mixed with each other.


Week 12. Work continues on gestures, block-in. I give a protrait color study a try, same approach it’s all about the shapes and color relationships.

To be continued on next post!