Day 38: Evanston, home of Northwestern and Bahai

I’ve made it to the Lake Michigan!

Stopped by Northwestern Uni, no one here, school is out. My cuz would be here but alas he is studying in Spain. My grandmother used to live just a few blocks north of Northwestern so I figured I would check out the old family home. I turns out that knocking on a stranger’s door at 6pm on Saturday in the United States is not the same as doing it in another parts of the world…oh well 🙁

Devastated that I would not be able to introduce myself and explain my random stop. I headed down Sheridan Road, on the horizon I saw a very interesting looking dome, not any normal dome. Its ribbed construction reminded me of Brunelleschi’s Duomo in Florance, Italy. I later heard it is sometimes referred to as the orange juicer.

The Bahai House of Worship is really an architectural marvel. It is innovative in its incorporation of many different architectural styles and elements into a coherent structure. Architects today should take a look at this building. It predates all the surrounding 1930s suburban sprawl.

I didn’t see another soul from the time I parked my truck until I drove away. It’s good to know that there are still places where you can quietly reflect on your own.

I met Leslie, a fellow Peace Corps Armenia and friend who is working for the Natural History Museum in Chicago and Mojoes Coffee shop. We traded BS stories about our last winter adventure together two years ago in a Bedouin desert oasis outside of Cairo, Jerusalem, and in the West Bank during Armenian Christmas night.