Day 36 Twin cities, holiday cheer

“O Ya…dis happens all de timmme…now it’s Fargo ized.” that was what the mechanic said when he finished working on the truck and I waited in Burger King for most of the day!

Yum, Super size me too.

Back on the road.

Couldn’t wait for a bud after all those burgers.

Major landscape element: grain elevators and more trains

Renewable energy!!???

The first and last buffalo sighting.

Almost home to Alexandria.

Geese were getting a late start.

Perkins is the Midwestern cousin of the “cracker barrel” minus the scented candles, but with more cakes and pies, bless them for wide selection of eggs benedict.

Cesar Pelli designed the Minneapolis library the first of several new public buildings by “staritects” in Great Lakes region.

The elevator was cool, the lit names on the outside changed as it rose.

The Minneapolis skyline

Hot crepes for all, by man this is a cold city.

Christmas was in full swing here, I hit the parade and all!

These inflated light people were the coolest costumes in the parade.