Day 34: Visting Morgan at Standing Rock

Morgan is working for the tribe and he is trying to trade me USDA dehydrated eggs for fresh ones, NO! It’s just like Peace Corps all over again!

Good food and beer were much needed in this corner of the great USA. Fifty miles south of the roaring capital city of Bismark, ND.

This didn’t strike me as much of an Avenue.

Looks like more snow and wind on the way.

It just keeps going, no buffalo though, need to come back in the spring and join the round up and Morgan had so many great stories.

Living conditions are not great here, it’s the 6th poorest county in the country. Memories of Tsaghkahovit? Morgan is working through Vista on improving the nutrition of the food available to the tribe members. The town of Selfridge where Morgan lives is a mix of native people and white ranchers, it’s a little touchy out here.

Different world out here for sure.

I was Morgan’s second visitor in a year!!