Day 30: Driving to Bozeman

This cat was really hungry

Saved by the attack cat

My own tour guide Lyndel a native of Montana

Private tour of the house, Grant Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site

Original Murphy bed

Lyndel is a lifer in the NPS

This was weird… an electric Milwaukee Road engine from the 1950s in Red Lodge, Montana.

Cruising at 80mph in the Big Sky country…it’s legal, I think. Well my truck doesn’t go over 80mph on the flats.

Lone engine roaming the plains.

Some relaxing tunes…as I upload at the Leaf and Bean, downtown Bozeman.

Beware of the Cat’s Paw, it’s got some the cheapest drink in town, a great atmosphere and it is full of good natured Bozemanians. Thanks for the recommendation Kristin, you were right on!