Day 2: First real day on the ROAD

The cat (as in feline) was very active at night and kept me up by walking on my face and sliding its ceramic food bowl around the kitchen. Cat (my friend) took off to work and I got to talk to Ben a little about the changes going on in Santa Rosa and how spall has changed the place in the past ten years or so.

I wandered around Santa Rosa for the day in a zombie like daze, repacked the truck and picked up a few things I was missing. Ran across a “day of the dead” celebration…I think that what it was. There was an older Indian lady that was making speech about life and living to a bunch of kids. In the late afternoon, I headed out on the 101 through the northern wine country and then at sunset I turned and headed over the coastal range to Fort Bragg. Man it gets dark early this time of year, by about 5pm it was almost black. I finally pulled off to on a random and a little dodgy siding near the beach and railroad trestle.