First day on the Road

The back story: I’m moving from SF. But I thought I should do it in the style of another major life change, by throwing what I could fit in car and just hitting the road, no plans no looking back.

I looked a few cars first, this was one it was advertised as “powerful and ecomocinic…4 gret price.” Ended up buying a truck in Daly City from some Russians… about ten of them in a trailer and one guy that spoke English the rest watched.…they still had a carbon paper credit car swiper. Predictably I had to take the truck back the next day because there was no jack or spare tire, my Russian negotiation skills are “strong” after two years in mountainous Armenia with the Peace Corps.

I sketched this view of the San Bruno Hills while I waited for the truck,

So I needed to get stuff in the truck from the third floor to the curb of 6th street.

In case you were curious, 6th street has been notorious since the days of Kerouac and the Dharma Bums, however today instead of sipping jugs of port in the cut…. crack, “strong” coffee, and steel reserve are the most abundant natural resources on the block.

With several Craig’s list postings nice people would knock on my door and take things such as microwaves, mattress, and futons and sometimes give me a few bucks. Loaded the truck to be point of bursting…I’m off to see my friend Cat and her husand Ben tonight in Santa Rosa.

I decided to go through point Ryes Station, where a small cup of coffee is around $3!!! It’s like Bar Harbor for California.

At Tomalas Bay, things really clouded up before I headed over the mountains to to Santa Rosa. I sat in on Cat’s Armenian class and listened to a Vivaldi by the Baroque the players of Friedberg, Cat’s husband Ben is a classical conductor and composer. Thanks guys!!