An Unlikely Conversation about Wolves

Verbatim conservation about wolves dictated by Will Dickinson. Sometime during the winter that never seemed to end 05’.

Dusk I am walking home….. Thinking: Just finished a marathon language class. My head is about to explode. Of course I need a walk. Why I am studying this language? How is this going to help me in the future? Continues to the open plains around Jermuk inhabited by wolves and bears. Lost in his thoughts he forgets to watch where he is going avoid a hash(sp?) party.

1st man (drunk): Where are you going? There are wolves on that road.

Me: Going to my house

2nd man (drunker): Come! Drink with us.

1st man: Here is hash, drink. Why are you crazy? You should never walk alone around here? Wolves eat people; it is their favorite food.

2nd True, it is far and it with soon be dark and that is when they will kill you slowly.

Me: I have never seen any wolves, where are they?

1st You will never see them alone until they are ready to kill you.

Me: But how do you know?

2nd It’s true! Drink and listen.

1st First they will come and you will see them close. You can’t run because that will mean they will surely kill you quickly. Second after you see two are three they will start to circle around you. They will make three circles, and only that!!

Next they will make a noise like this, four times.

Me: How?

2nd Shut up and listen

1st Like this: four time, only four times! Now this is bad for next they will kill you slowly…one will go at your throat, you will see him…but.. you will not see the one going for you neck and the one going for you legs from the back.

…you are dead, but not quite. They will rip you limbs off as you bleed to death.

2nd Ha?

Me: Ok

1st: OK….no… they come out on the road after 3pm and leave in the morning when the sun is up.

Me: So they have a job?

1st Of course, everyday.

Me: They have hours they work?

1st: They are killers not workers, do you understand.

Me: No…they go to job everyday

2nd: Yes, but some time they don’t work, eat.

1st Shut up: They are hard workers

Me: Why don’t they eat you here?

1st: This is a special place for eating hash and drinking, the wolves know this.

2nd: I think the wolves don’t touch you if you drink much…

1st: True, they understand…. this and will not hurt you.

2nd Yes you are only outside drinking and eating with friends,

Me: Now that I am a little drunk they will not hurt me…

1st: No

2nd: Yes

1st: no

Will slips off into the darkness, while they continue to argue about wolves, neither man can follow because he might exit the limits of the wolf protected circle where underemployed men can eat and drink away from their wives and children. Also neither man can stand because both are drunk from homemade vodka from Goris.

1st and 2nd COME BACK …they will eat you.

Will thinks to himself I would never understand such an interesting exchange if I didn’t understand Armenian. Thank goodness they were drunk so they spoke slowly.